I am a Movement Performance Chiropractor. I have been studying human movement for over 19 years and my single purpose has been to help teach people how to move better.

I’ve enjoyed a wide variety of sports and activities over the years, and competed internationally in track and field while I was in university in Canada. I started cycling competitively after moving to Florida in 2009, and raced across the state for about four years. My current workouts and training are a mix of mobility training, running, powerlifting, and yoga.

I grew up in Saskatoon, Canada and most of my close friends call me Mo.


A rising star in the rehab and chiropractic world, Dr. Moses Bernard has been hailed as “cutting edge”, “more of an artist and scholar than chiropractor”, and “one of the most dedicated healthcare professionals I’ve ever met” by his patients and peers. He has made a variety of TV, print, and radio appearances, and has lectured internationally on optimizing human movement.

Moses Bernard has worked with organizations including: The NFL, NFL Players Organization, MLB and traveled with the Toronto Blue Jays.