Moses Bernard is a game changer. My life dramatically changed the day I met him while injured from my job and passion as a personal trainer and yoga instructor. The injury was overuse, of course, but the “ah ha” was improper form. I was devastated, humbled and curious! In just 15 minutes he had my whole body figured out like a mad scientist. Well I became “mad” about Moses and that day I asked him to train me, educated me and fix me. In 2 months time I was revealed of shortcomings by feeling my body, healed and all together a better functioning being. We have been together ever since as my trainer, mentor and friend.
— Ashley Halley, Fitness Instructor
If you want to get your body moving to the best of its ability and experience quality of life, Dr. Moses is a marvelous licensed bio-hacker to add to your repertoire. Not your typical crack a lackin’ from this Chiro; which, I admit, initially feels great but is short term pain relief. Dr. Moses will teach you to use your brilliant body, mind and breath to achieve the greatest state of well being.
— Melissa V., Yoga Instructor
Dr. Moses Bernard is in a class by himself. I am a physician working extremely long hours on my feet and had a bad injury. I can’t afford to be injured or in constant pain. Dr. Bernard put me back together piece by piece over the course of 2 years and has me pain free, energetic and functional. I trust him implicitly. I’ve referred countless patients. His knowledge of the body mechanics exceeds that of my surgical colleagues. You won’t be disappointed.
— Uhuru Smith, MD, Tampa FL Anaesthesiologist & owner of Renew IV Wellness

“As a chiropractor, it’s good practice to have people within your network that are highly knowledgeable about different areas of health. It has been my privilege to consult with Moses Bernard on various projects for clients. He has always been grateful for the opportunity to discuss any problems I have been running into and full of ideas to help my patients achieve their best results. Whether through e-mail, video conferencing, or by phone, Moses has a great way of explaining different presentations that might be seen, what could be causing them, and how to address them. I’d advise anyone to use him for either consulting purposes, or especially as a patient.”
— James Ashley, DC -Peak Performance Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Pflugerville TX
I took my daughter to see Dr. Bernard when she was still complaining of pain after spinal fusion surgery. He was able to explain exactly what was happening to her in simple terms we could both understand and created a plan of action for us moving forward. He went out of his way to research physical therapists for us to work with that had experience with similar issues. I now have every reason to believe she’ll be able to have a pain-free future!
— Heidi Hapanowicz, Tampa, Florida
Dr. Bernard has a brilliant grasp on the function of the human body, both physically and neurologically
— Dr. Amanda Campbell, Tampa, Florida
Dr. Bernard has my highest recommendation. I have known him for over 7 years and he is the most dedicated healthcare professional I ever met. His approach to wellness and healthcare is unlike any Doctor I have ever met. He understands wellness is not just the absence of disease, but a dynamic state of balance between illness and health. He never settles on the status quo and is constantly learning cutting edge, advanced techniques. Dr. Bernard is the consummate professional and genuinely cares about the health of his patients. Whether you are recovering from an injury or a professional athlete seeking optimal performance, Dr. Bernard is excellent choice.
— Joseph Cosgrove, Tampa, Florida
If it weren’t for Dr. Bernard I highly doubt I’d be able to walk today. He went above and beyond all humanly expectations for me. He changed my life. He not only helped me in my moment but he also gave me the tools needed to fully recover and remain healthy. I’m living a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life now because of him and his expertise. He taught me how to live.
— Thomas Miller, Mishawaka, Indiana
Until I worked with Moses I’d never given a thought to the idea of getting the maximum potential out of the movement of my muscles. I’ve been a hard core gym goer for the last 20 years, all while managing painful scoliosis. Learning about proper poses has insured prevention from causing further damage and set me on a path of a lot less painful daily living. I trusted him to do work with my pre-teen daughter as well. Plus, he’s sharp AND funny! You’ll be in great hands!
— Natalia Levey, Founder of Healthy Intent
Moses is a Superstar in every sense. He is an amazing chiropractor with a very clear understanding of the human body. I went to see him because I had severe lower back pain. He was able to relieve my pain as well as gave me clear, daily exercises to keep my body from getting injured again. He also helped my children as well as many patients that I have referred over the years.
— Elena Bensonoff, C.RPH, ABAAHP Diplomate, Founder of
Dr. Moses Bernard may very well be in the top 5 most intelligent doctors I have ever seen. It’s interesting how people come into your life at just the right moment. Dr. Bernard is the missing piece I’ve been looking for and his knowledge and passion for body mechanics is changing my life in the best way possible by teaching me the interconnectedness of the body/mind/breathe.
Do yourself a favor and make an appointment. You will NOT be disappointed. Dr. Bernard is not the typical chiropractor, he’s an artist and a scholar.
— Amy Martz, Tampa, Florida
Wednesday I walked in to Moses’s office feeling like 2 different people on my right and left side. Today I feel like 1 person in 1 body...a very,very sore person but one who is moving correctly and has parts of her body awake that forgot we were not in a comatose state. Moses is SO SKILLED at treating each person’s individual needs and probably has one of the biggest brains I’ve met. I cannot recommend him enough, he will help you change the way you breathe, free up habitual movements that create recurring injury and help you re-align into an optimal alignment that is best for you.
— Marley Vigdorth, Yoga Instructor
For anyone enduring any physical restraints or pain in their body I highly recommended you pay yourself a visit to Dr Bernard. I walked in thinking I just needed a back adjustment and learned that not only did I NOT need that, but that my body needed some serious TLC in ways that were unknown to me. This man not only takes his time to truly understand you and your curiosity or needs, but gives you insight as to why whatever it is may be bothersome to you and provides you with tools and ways to improve the all around functionality of your body. He also made it clear to me about the importance behind addressing a “minor” issue when it arises because something that I thought isn’t too big of a deal can become pretty serious down the road if it’s not taken care of. I truly admire and appreciate his passion for his work and his genuine care for the people he meets. I have been using the tools he has given me for a little over two weeks now and am already seeing significant improvements. Thanks Dr Bernard!
— Ally General, Tampa, Florida
Dr. Moses Bernard is beyond your traditional chiropractor! In my experience he is great for anything related functional movement. About 6 months ago I messed up my hip while in pigeon pose during a yoga class. I’ve gotten massages, stretched, rested, etc. and nothing worked. I used to walk about 5 miles a day and have been unable to walk for long periods of time. I went and saw Dr. Bernard for an initial assessment and he gave me several practical movements and exercises to do at home. It’s been one week and I can sit in a cross legged position and went on my first walk today!! I look forward to continuing to work with him!!
— Courtney Lynn, Tampa, Florida
My initial appointment with Dr. Bernard far exceeded my expectations. Traditionally when I have seen chiropractors, they have always zoned in and focused solely on the one area of my body where I felt discomfort. Dr. Bernard is highly knowledgable at looking at the WHOLE functioning apparatus of the body. Through his thorough examination, he was able to uncover areas where my body was performing sub optimally that I was previously unaware of. I went in with concerns about pain and tension my neck and shoulders and Dr. Moses was able to uncover invaluable information about my mobility, sleeping muscles, and even my natural breathing technique. I HIGHLY recommended seeing Dr. Moses if you want to gain more insight about how your brain and body are communicating with each other how to remedy any predispositions you may be experiencing in your body!
— Steph Winchenbach, Tampa, Florida
We were visiting our daughter in Tampa and both my wife and I had hip and knee issues. Our daughter took us to Dr. Bernard and he was incredible! He got more done in one visit than we had received in the prior 14 visits with our previous chiropractor. He explained everything in a way that we could understand and gave us an exercise plan that we could do at home. One day and we know what is causing our pain. I can’t speak higher of this man. We both walked out pain free!
— Burt L., Virginia Beach, VA
The assessment you did, along with your patience with me were unprecedented in healthcare.  And, as you know, the awareness it brought to me about my brain and my mobility left me awestruck.
— Debbie C. Tampa, Florida
As a lifelong athlete I’m grateful to *finally* have access to a healthcare professional who has such a full range of adequate knowledge to help me work through past injuries to maintain an optimally functioning body.
— Carlen Garmon, Tampa, Florida
I strongly recommend Dr. Moses Bernard for chiropractic care because of his professionalism and ability to assess and educate his patients. I came to Dr. Bernard because of lower back pain and a pulled hamstring. After reviewing my medical history and listening to my concerns, he conducted a thorough examination of my posture, spine, and mobility. I really appreciated that he took the time to creatively educate me on the interrelationship between my skeletal and muscular systems. He also assessed my breathing patterns and the neurological factors that affected my range of motion. I left his office with practical and effective rehabilitative exercises and a greater understanding of my body. Going above and beyond, he followed up via email with brief but informative articles and videos that were specific to my conditions. Dr. Bernard is not only professional and comprehensive in his approach but he is also affable, empathetic, and passionate about healing the human body holistically.
— Maggie S. Tampa, Florida
Time spent with Dr. Bernard is precious. He listened to me deeply so that he could truly understand what I needed. He was so thorough, methodical, efficient and intelligent in his assessment of how and what was and wasn’t moving in my body all the while educating me as to why that was optimal or sub-optimal. I came away with greater vitality, less pain and more information about how to do what I needed for me while knowing that I can always come back to get more direction from him when needed. This is health care and he is a provider! Don’t hesitate, book with him and experience it for yourself. I am abundantly confident that he will deliver!
— Annette Scott, Co-Owner of Kodwari Studios
I love gaining knowledge about the body (and my body) and Dr. Moses Bernard took the time to share and explain what is happening in my body, why it is happening and most importantly solutions to bettering my body. Dr. Bernard made me feel so welcome, like I was just chatting with an old friend -very educated and knowledgable friend. If you want to continue to move through this life gracefully and feeling good... I highly recommend being proactive and seeing Dr. Bernard to learn how to move better :)
— Kristen Alexovich, Tampa, Florida