Movement Assessment & Performance Enhancement

You’re active.  You train multiple times a week.  You lift weights.  You do yoga.  You run. You cycle.  Maybe you do all of the above...... 


You’re doing everything you’re supposed to, but something still isn’t right.  

Maybe that knee you tweaked in college is still a little off. Maybe you’ve got a shoulder that always pops or feels unstable. You can’t explain why, but maybe you avoid certain movements or certain activities “just because”.

While simply being active helps, it’s not just about getting off the couch.  

Many of us have been told to move more, but this assumes that any movement automatically means good movement.  Unfortunately, training poor movement patterns actually creates a greater risk of injury.

The solution isn't simply to move more.  We need to learn how to move BETTER.

Instead of just dealing with these issues that pop up & hoping they’ll get magically get better on their own, let’s figure out what’s causing them.


The functional range and movement evaluation is a comprehensive 60-90 minute assessment of your individualized biomechanics. The system is the cumulation of over 15 years of studying the human body at the academic and clinical level, and 1000s of hours of post graduate continuing education.

Every joint and movement pattern in the body will be evaluated to determine exactly what’s too weak, what’s too tight, what you do well, and where your weak links are. From breathing, core stability, flexibility and motor control,over 150 movement patterns are assessed leaving no stone unturned.

The result is the creation of your own personalized movement blueprint and correction strategy.   You won't only find out how to best treat your main complaints, you'll learn how to start fixing EVERYTHING movement related.

Think of it like a physical exam...that's ACTUALLY physical.